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 投稿者:トロ青  投稿日:2015年 1月23日(金)13時36分34秒
  通報 返信・引用

Greetings,Japanese Comrades!
I am a Chinese trotskyist.I apologize for my poor Japanese,I am still learning Japanese.
For now,we are still very weak,our number is very limited,and we are atomized,being heaviliy repression,we cannot form a organization,even an "circle"(サークル),all we can do is learning and translating the lessons and experiences of trotskyists from other countries.
Personally,I am very interested in Japanese Trotskyist movement,I fell very lucky when I found the "Collection of International Revolutionary Articles",From these Articles,I have learned very much.
However,there are so many chaotic code in these articles that we cannot read them correctly,could まっぺんさん and TAMO2さん correct them?

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